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Sprint and middle distance
The 9th and 10th stage of the Latvian Cup

Aluksne, 20-21.08.2016

The Orienteering club ‘Aluksne/Ape’, alongside the Latvian Orienteering Federation, invites the bike orienteers to the Latvian championship 2016 in sprint and middle distance. The hosts are proud to organize a competition of this level for the first time in Aluksne and thus will work hard to make the championship interesting and thrilling, and let the best sportsmen and women receive the medals of the highest sort in an honest and competitive battle.


Dear participants, you’ll have distances in the town streets and parks, as well as in the territory of the winter sport centre ‘Mezinieki’, and we believe the spectators will love the championship too.

Also – use your free time in Aluksne to enjoy the charming leisure opportunities and relax. Good luck in the championship and have a pleasant stay!
Vilnis Velkeris, the Head of OC Aluksne/Ape


The championship is organized by the Orienteering Club ‘Aluksne/Ape’, in collaboration with the Latvian Orienteering Federation.
The Main Judge and the Head of the Distances is Paulis Briconoks, GSM: +371 26435996


August, 20th, Saturday

From 3.30 PM         the championship secretariat is open (registration, numbers)
5 PM                       the start of the sprint distance, the town of Aluksne
7 PM                       award ceremony

Attention - due to changes in cultural events in Pilssala, check-in and start is moved 1 hour earlier!            

August, 21st, Sunday

From 10 AM            the championship secretariat is open (registration, numbers)
11.30 AM                the start of the middle distance, the town of Aluksne and „Mezinieki”
2.30 PM                  award ceremony


S,V (females, males) - 16, 18, 21, 40, 50


The deadline to enter the championship is August, 15th, 11.59 PM. Online registration: http://lof.lv/op/index.php?act=mans&id=3931

Entry fee

S,V- 16, 18      5,00 EUR per 1 (one) distance
S,V- 21, 40      10,00 EUR per 1 (one) distance

The entry fee after the deadline: the fee + 50%, if any free spots are available. The rent of the SI card is 1 EUR per day.

Maps and terrain

The map for the sprint distance has been drawn in 2015-2016, using the materials of the Metrum laser scan. Scale 1:7500 (the size of the map - A4), contours in every 2,5m.
The map for the middle distance has been drawn in 2010, updated in 2016, scale 1:10 000 (the size of the map -A3), contours in every 2,5m.
The map author: V.Velkeris

The sprint distance will take place in urban surroundings, including the town and its parks.
The middle distance will partially take place in the location of the sprint distance and in the territory of the Biathlon and Ski Centre ‘Mezinieki’. It mainly includes coniferous forest with roads and paths, varied in the riding difficulty level. Big and medium sized relief forms with the maximal height difference of 40m.

Approximate parameters of the distances

Group Sprint Middle distance    Group Sprint Middle distance
V16 4,0km 12KP 7,0km 13KP   S16 3,0km 10KP 7,0km 13KP
V18 4,0km 12KP 8,0km 15KP   S18 3,0km 10KP 7,0km 13KP
V21 6,5km 17KP 12,0km 19KP   S21 4,0km 12KP 9,5km 17KP
V40 5,0km 14KP 10,5km 17KP   S40 3,0km 10KP 7,0km 13KP
V50 4,0km 14KP 8,00km 17KP   S50 3,0km 10KP 7,0km 13KP

The order of start

The start interval in both distances is 2 minutes.
The participants must arrive at the start corridor 2 minutes before the start. The map is handed out 1 minute before the start.

The award ceremony

The participants, registered in ODB, in groups SV 16, 18, 21, 40 will receive the medals of the Latvian Championship. SV 50 will receive prizes.

Additional rules

These rules are compulsory and every participants must abide them.

The use of bike helmets is mandatory.

The participants can ride off the roads marked on the maps.

All participants must abide the Latvian Orienteering Federation rules for bike orienteering.

The traffic on the main roads will not be restricted.

The participants are responsible for their own health and safety.

Accommodation and catering

The accommodation is provided at the dorm of the State Gymnasium of Aluksne, contact Sarmite (GSM: + 371 29144781) by August, 17th. Catering is also available, dinner on August, 20th – 3,00 EUR, and breakfast on August, 21st – 2,00 EUR. For other options check: www.visitaluksne.lv.

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