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Adventure Race: Rogaining, Veclaicenes rudens’ 2016 (Veclaicene autumn)
Event time: October 23, 2016.
Event Location: Korneti. Veclaicene parish, Aluksne district


Sport club Alūksne/Ape OK
Race director, course setter: Vilnis Veļķeris
Timing, results: Normunds Bērziņš
Start location: „Korneti”, Veclaicene parish, Alūksne district


Event format: rogaining, time limit 4 or 6 hours on feet
Teams of 2 – 5 members.
The rules of rogaining of the IRF and LOF apply.

Additions and special instructions.

1. The competition area is situated in maintenance of nature area​​ in the Korneti – Pelli valley. Respect and care of natural and man-made values!
2. For navigation competitors may use compass. Watch and race map issued by organizers. Any other things may be used for navigation purposes, only.
3. During the race it is possible to see dogs and wild animals.
4. While moving along the general roads follow the Road Traffic Laws. Use of reflectors or lamps is mandatory.
5. It is forbidden to cross private house yards, unless local roads go through them. It's very recommended to go around barn to let farm animals sleep. Prohibited areas - residential areas, gardens, cemeteries - is in olive-green color. Open areas are partially planted with grains. It is strictly forbidden to cross grain fields. Small fences can not be mapped. Other forbiden areas will be masked with a red grid on the map.
6. Be careful while crossing rivers, streams, lakes and other places of water nearby.
7. Take care of your eyes. Eye injuries are usual with orienteers in the late autumn. Tree branches, both dry or green, are without leaves and is invisible. We recommend the use a hat with a brim or simple eyewears.
8. During the race each team must carry one cell phone with them, swiched off and with a fully charged battery, with a possibility to call organizers in an emergency. By registering teams must let known to organizers taken cell phone number. The emergency cell phone number will be stated on the team's bib numbers.
9.Team bib numbers  - A5 format, designed for team personalization. Bib numbers must be  mounted at the participant's clothes or bags with the fasteners provided by the organizers.

Competition classes for 6h

MO, WO, XO – men, women, mixed open.
MJ, WJ, XJ – men, women, mixed junior under age 21.
MV, WV, XV – men, women, mixed senior from age 40.
MSV, WSV, XSV – men, women, mixed senior from age 55.
MUV, WUV, XUV – men, women, mixed supersenior from age 65.

Competition classes for 4h

M – men open
W – women open
X – mixed open
Family – 2 team members from one family and one participant who age is under 14

The age of participants will be determined on the 23. of October, 2016.

Participants responsibility for their own health and for insurance  against accidents and possible injuries borne by the participants (over 16 years) or their parents / guardians (for participants 16 years and younger). Teams will be registered as full team at the event center,  will receive participant accessories, will sign by the personal signature responsibility for their own, theirs child or guardians – participants health status, responsibility for possible accidents and possible injuries during the race.
It is possible to take routes on distance in order to keep away the health and life hazards.


October  23
from 07:30 arriving, registration, team data checking,
08:14 sunrise
09:30 giving out of maps
10:00 start
14:00 4 hours finish
14:30 4 hours competition ends
15:00  4 hours prize giving
16:00 6 hours finish
16:30 6 hours competition ends
17:00 6 hours prize giving
18:00  event centre closing

Competition area

 Korneti – Pelli valley, closed with Latvia-Estonia border. The territory covered mostly knives, expressed in hilly terrain.Lot of teritories is open. At comepetition area is situated 8 lakes.

Local height difference of up to 50 meters.There are not developed network of local and forest roads.

Course, controls, punching

There will be 30 controls – usual orienteering redwhite flags with reflectors. Punching – Sportident. One SICard will be attached to the wrist of each competitor. Controls have point values from 2 to 6. Point value of the control is first digit of control number. For example, control with number 33 gives 3 points, control with number 63 gives 6 points.

All team members must make punches by own SI cards at all visited CPs. Team members must make SI punches at CP within 1 minute. If one of the team members will be damaged (broken) SI-card bracket, the team will be disqualified.


Scale 1:20000, H = 5m

Simplified symbols of orienteering maps will be used. White – forest; dark yellow – fields, open areas; light yellow – felled areas, young forest, scattered trees, bushes, halfopen areas; road symbols on the map will be given according passability. Control descriptions – text and pictograms on separate sheet of plain paper.

 rogain5    rogain6

Map is based on leader matterials and  orienteering map 1:15 000,  area investigation during autumn 2015 -2016 sammer.

Water points, food, service

There will be water points with water tanks and marked area available drinking water intakes.
Catering - at the finish.Catering included in the participation fee.  There will be toilets, garbage bags, mobile charging place available.
Participants will have the opportunity to dress up in the premises.


Entries will be registered from September 26, 2016 until October 17 (20), 2016.
Entries are accepted online by completing the application form in the website
Any of SI cards will be suitable for for 4 hours competition, for 6 hours competition will recomended SI cards with higher capacity up to 30.  Organizers may guarantee SI-Cards for participants.  It is preferable to use own SI cards.
Rental fee of SI-card – 1,- EUR.

Entry fee per team member.

O and V classes – 12 EUR (submitted before 17.10.2016.),            20 EUR (to 20.10.2016.);
SV, UV and J classes      – 8 EUR (submitted before 17.10.2016.), 12 EUR (to 20.10.2016.);
Family classe                 – 12 EUR (submitted before 17.10.2016.),            20 EUR (submitted after 25.10.2015.)

only team members, which are eligible to enter classes O and V,
free of charge, participants  14 years old or younger.


Top teams in each time and category will be awarded with medals but winners in each category will get prises.

Info and FAQ page discussion platform:

Phone:+371 29273114.   


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